Vishwa Nudisiri-Virasat 2013

The Alva’s Education Foundation (AEF), Moodbidri located in the coastal district of Karnataka i.e., Dakshina Kannada, has been organizing and hosting many programmes of National & International fame in fine arts, literature, culture and sports along with imparting quality education. Prominent among the events are the Alva’s Nudisiri, a symposium on Kannada language and literature, the Alva’s Virasat, a National festival of culture.

Alva’s Nudisiri, started in 2004 and has completed 9 annual symposiums as of now. Renowned and veteran writers like Baraguru Ramachandrappa, S.L. Bhyrappa, Chandrashekar Kambar, Venkatasubbaiah, Channaveera Kanavi, Hampa Nagarajayya, Kalburgi, Nisaar Ahmed were the Chairmen of the symposiums held so far.

Based on the constant trust and support displayed by the fans of Kannada literature we have reached the 10th year of Nudisiri. As Nudisiri has been recognized as a festival of Kannada language across the world, we are planning to unite all Kannadigas across the world and conduct a mega Intenational Symposium. Along with this Alva’s Virasat – a National Cultural Festival is celebrating its 20th year. So we decided to do a joint International Symposium viz., the Alva’s Vishwa Nudisiri Virasat. This would be conducted from Dec 19th to 22nd, 2013 at the Vidyagiri Campus in Moodbidri.


Nudisiri is an ambitious attempt to bring the global business mindset and the local cultural mindset face to face .It’s a platform where common language and culture is pitched against local language and multi-faceted culture. Here guidance is provided to the youth on building Kannada for the future and would like to provide an ideal model symposium for all future symposiums. With all these objectives we are
conducting this symposium every year with good prior preparations.

The seed of Nudisiri sown

The seed for Nudisiri was sown in 2003 when the All India 71st Kannada Sahitya Sammelan was held under the presidentship of Kamala Hampana at Moodbidri. I had the good fortune of working as the President of the organizing committee. With co-operation from literature patron friends we were able to conduct the Sammelan on Dec 13th to 15th, 2003 with discipline and décor. The experience that was gained while hosting this symposium was immense. We need to preserve the experience, and to keep the memories afresh and afloat. Also these programmes should not be the exclusive events conducted by the Government or the literary boards. I feel that the task of organizing, hosting and deciding for the language and culture has to be done by the people in the frame of democracy rather than allowing it to the government or the academy or the boards. Alva’s Nudisiri is a personification of all these thoughts.

Today all the literary symposiums are taking shape of festivals. But along with the pomp and glamour of a festival, it should give us material for expanding our thinking process and open up our thirst for knowledge. This is the prime objective of Nudisiri. Since the whole community participates in this we have concluded that this is a public event.

Concern behind the organizing

During the organizing of this symposium we concentrate more on the youth and student community.
It’s just not enough if we just say that the youth are losing their way, we also need to guide them to the right path, show them the rich heritage of this land and develop in them the love, the appreciation and the awareness for the language and literature.

Another important fact here is the absence of any political interference during the symposium. There is
no room for any political pressure, influence of any religion, leftist and rightist views. We are welcome to any views or opinions irrespective of the source that they come from. There could be a sense of indebtedness or obligations for governmental organizations and institutions that receive grants from the government. But Nudisiri is free from any such interference or pressures. Even when we select the presidents of the symposium, poets, awardees and resource persons, achievement is the only criteria.

There have been opinions around that Nudisiri is a parallel literary event to the Kannada Sahitya Sammelan. But let us understand that this is not a parallel event to any event. As the President of the district unit of the Kannada Sahitya Parishath I have conducted many Sahitya Sammelans with the help of many friends from the literary fraternity. Nudisiri is conducted with the intention of strengthening the very cause for which various literary events including the Sammelan conducted by the Kannada Sahitya Parishath aims to. Nudisiri stresses to awaken the spirit of Kannada language to respond to the global awakening.

The success of the symposium is attributed to the discipline in maintaining punctuality. Keeping the intention of having the functions to start always at the designated time, any function organized by our Education Foundation starts and ends on time. Guests, Veterans and public who have participated in our functions have verbally appreciated our efforts. Because of punctuality we have been able to manage all these events well. We are glad that in various symposiums conducted across the state, concepts and ideas discussed at Nudisiri have been implemented. Punctuality, well-designed and decorated stage,
neat organizing, prior information, respect to poets are among many other topics that are discussed at length across the state.

We have been organizing Nudisiri keeping in mind a particular framework or theme. Great thinkers,
writers have participated in Nudisiri ever since its inception. Poem time, Honoring poets, Story time,
honoring authors, special lectures, Memory of the literary greats who passed away, comedy time, panel discussions, Honoring with Nudisiri awards are among the itinerary of Nudisiri all these years. Cultural programmes decorate all the 4stages from 6 pm onwards every day. This platform provides a great opportunity for budding writers and poets to display their talents in the presence of the greatest stalwarts in their fields. There are many panel discussions and expert talks on literary arts and burning social issues that provide valuable guidance to the budding artists.


Virasat is a cultural extravaganza having a history of 19 years conducted every year in the month of January amidst the picturesque settings of the nature at Shobhavana in Mijar. Virasat is a vivid display of talents by Classical and Folk artists both from the country and abroad. The objective is to familiarize these programmes to the local art lovers by making them view and appreciate the arts displayed.  The first half of the programme has musical renditions and the second half has various performing arts displayed Inculcating and improving the aesthetic taste of the audience is one more rationale behind this. Prominent names like Ms. Sonal Mansingh, Padmabhushans Ustad Zakir Hussain,
Kadri Goplanathan, Dr. Balamuralikrishna, Dr. K.J. Yesudas, Pt. Ajay Chakraborty, Padmabhushan Dr. Padma Subramnyam have performed here and have been awarded the prestigious Alva’s Virasat Award. The week long Virasat has had thousands of renowned artists who have displayed talent that is vast and varied across diverse streams of performing arts. There are more than 20,000 audiences, both domestic and foreign who come exclusively to watch this programme live on daily basis. This year Virasat steps into its 20th year. We are celebrating the dual milestones in the form of one event Alva’s Vishwa Nudisiri-Virasat 2013.

Prelude to Vishwa Nudisiri-Virasat 2013

Alva’s Nudisiri is completing its 10th year this year. We wanted to take it one step higher and our desire is to make it an international event. Just by a couple outside the state participating in the event doesn’t make it international. Rather than that we want all Kannadigas from various districts of the state, from the bordering districts of the state, from various countries spread across the world to participate and make this a truly international event. In the forthcoming days we wish that we would get the required support from all Kannadigas in saving and developing the Kannada language.

We have started all efforts to blossom the Vishwa Nudisiri into a movement. District level units of Nudisiri have been initiated across the state and have been made active. We are encouraged by the
affection and support rendered by various literature lovers at all places that we have visited. We wish that this international symposium becomes one of the most value-added, disciplined effort with the support from all Kannadigas.

We request for the unified support of true Kannadigas during the International symposium, wherever they are located be it either in various states of the country or across the world, in brightening the future of Kannada. We are sure that this would be possible with the support of all. Come let us all join hands in working towards the future of a bright Kannada.

Dr. M. Mohan Alva
Alva’s Education Foundation, Moodbidri, 574227

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